Reach Your Goals in 2018

Tech Impact’s mission is to empower you to use technology to better serve our world. “Technology” means so many things that it is often difficult to focus on one area of improvement. We’ve categorized “Technology” into 5 Focus Areas to help you make significant strides toward meeting your mission and business goals in 2018. Please take a few minutes to read through each category and select the ONE that most aligns with your 2018 goals.

What Are Your Goals?

While we understand that all of these technology areas are important and appealing,
please select one focus so you can set and reach a smart goal in 2018!

Secure Data

Minimize your organization’s risk to cyber threats with the latest intelligence, monitoring and prevention methods.

This Is My Goal

Optimize Operations

Leverage cloud solutions, support, data and insights to positively impact your bottom line while helping employees and processes become more efficient.

This Is My Goal

Empower Employees

Help move your greatest asset into the digital world. Equip your employees with the tools they need to collaborate, communicate and create wherever they are.

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Innovate For Impact

Go big with big data and insights to optimize program outcomes and develop new tools solutions to meet your community’s needs.

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Engage Constituents

Strengthen relationships with the people at the heart of the organization by creating personalized experiences for your board, volunteers, and clients to build trust to enhance awareness and support.

 This Is My Goal

Tech Impact has helped many Nonprofits reach their goals, Including:

We were at a point in our organization's growth when the data tracking systems we had in place were not keeping pace with the amount of data that we needed to gather, track, and analyze on a regular basis to be successful. Tech Impact helped us create a flexible system that meets every one of our complex needs in tracking student attendance, session progress, training evaluations, outcome assessments and many other types of data, all in one centralized location. We are now completely on top of how our projects are going in real time as we serve tens of thousands of youth across multiple countries...
Kate Sachs Leventhal // CorStone