DATE: Thursday, August 19, 2021
TIME: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern

Chatbots -- applications that simulate human conversation through a messaging interface -- are popular tools for nonprofits. Organizations of all sizes, from small nonprofits like mRelief to large charities like Planned Parenthood, are using chatbots to serve more constituents, free up their staff’s time, and raise awareness of their causes.

In this 60 minute webinar, Maria Dyshel (CEO, Tangible AI) will explore real-life examples of chatbots helping nonprofits connect with their constituents and supporters, and she will give practical tips on implementing a chatbot project in your nonprofit.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • What are chatbots?
  • What it takes to build one for your organization
  • How organizations are using chatbots to supercharge their constituent and supporter engagement
  • How to decide whether a chatbot is a good fit for your nonprofit
  • A 10-step framework of implementing a chatbot project, from idea to pilot

About Our Presenter

Maria Dyshel-1Maria Dyshel
CEO, Tangible AI

Maria Dyshel is the CEO of Tangible AI, helping nonprofits and mission-driven organizations increase their impact and operate smarter with custom AI and chatbot-powered solutions. She has been working on the intersection of technology and social impact for more than 10 years. An avid chatbot enthusiast, she has supported and led the creation of more than 20 chatbot applications across different sectors.

About Our Sponsor


Millions of developers around the world have used Twilio to unlock the magic of communications to improve any human experience. Twilio has democratized communications channels like voice, text, chat, video, and email by virtualizing the world’s communications infrastructure through APIs that are simple enough for any developer to use, yet robust enough to power the world’s most demanding applications. is the social impact arm of Twilio. Moved by our customers, we’ve seen how nonprofits use communications to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. From the American Red Cross to the Norwegian Refugee Council, empowers more than 6,000 organizations to respond to crises, provide life-changing resources, and inspire action with Twilio technology, helping more than 300 million people every year.

CAE approved web iconAs a CAE Approved Provider educational program related to the CAE exam content outline, this course may be applied for 1 credit toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.

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