Sometimes it's hard to see what makes a program successful—even when it's right there in the data. Great visuals not only look attractive, they can show the story behind the numbers and what really matters.  

During this free webinar we'll share with you the eight principles of communicating with data—from defining your question to designing simple, clear images. We'll also discuss how to choose your visualization and review useful tools that can help you show your impact—Excel and beyond. By the end of this session you'll have the knowledge you need to create visuals that convince donors, supporters, and your teammates that your work is worth investing in. 

About the Presenter

Laura Quinn, Independent Consultant

Laura Quinn is an independent consultant, specializing in research for the philanthropic sector and building the capacity of nonprofit networks. Prior to her consulting work, Laura founded Idealware and served as the Executive Director for nine years. Under her leadership, Idealware partnered with dozens of national organizations, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Legal Services Corporation, and many more to conduct research into technology topics, from tactical interview-based articles to rigorously researched software comparisons to ecosystem-level infrastructural analyses. She has also created internet strategy, selected software, designed interfaces, and conducted user research for companies such as Accenture, iXL, and L.L.Bean. Laura is a frequent speaker and writer on nonprofit technology topics. 

About Idealware

Idealware is a program of the nonprofit Tech Impact. We are the authoritative source for independent, thoroughly-researched technology resources for the social sector. Our publications, assessments, and training can save you time and money by providing impartial guidance that gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to decide what’s best for your organization. Browse our archives, sign up for our mailing list, or learn more at 

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We were at a point in our organization's growth when the data tracking systems we had in place were not keeping pace with the amount of data that we needed to gather, track, and analyze on a regular basis to be successful. Tech Impact helped us create a flexible system that meets every one of our complex needs in tracking student attendance, session progress, training evaluations, outcome assessments and many other types of data, all in one centralized location. We are now completely on top of how our projects are going in real time as we serve tens of thousands of youth across multiple countries...
Kate Sachs Leventhal // CorStone