Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can be overwhelming at first glance. This three-session workshop series will help nonprofit leaders understand Google Analytics and incorporate the insights it can provide into all aspects of their organizations, from understanding audience segments to marketing channel impact, program viability and efficacy, and more.

By the end of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand how to navigate through Google Analytics, pull basic reports, and create custom reports.
  • Set up conversion goals, build custom segments, and report on audience performance.
  • Use Google Analytics to better understand the contribution of marketing efforts to organizational goals.
  • Track program performance and popularity. 
Session 1: Introduction to Google Analytics

This first session will cover initial steps for your Google Analytics account (including setup, basic terminology, and types of conversion events) and look at how to use segments.

Session 2: The Basic Reports and How to Use Them

This session will focus on Google Analytic reports, including how to set up Audience Reports, Acquisition Reports, Behavior Reports, and Conversion Reports.

Session 3: Custom Reports, Views, and Advanced Functionality

This session will focus on how to customize reports using views, custom dimensions and metrics, content groupings, custom alerts, and channel groupings.

About Our Instructor

Sam Tomlinson, Vice President of Digital Strategy and  Data Analytics, Warschawski

An award-winning marketer, early-stage investor, global keynote speaker and passionate innovator, Sam brings a diverse background spanning finance, business and marketing communications to create outsized, bottom-line results for organizations. Sam has been widely recognized for his work for clients and for his unique ability to distill complex concepts into simple, actionable steps for individuals. When he’s not helping clients at Warschawski, he’s teaching classes at some of the world’s most notable institutions, speaking at conferences, working on his golf game, or watching the Flyers.