It is now possible to buy a cup of coffee using Bitcoin, but does digital currency have any effect on your nonprofit? Self-driving cars are on the streets and artificial intelligence is in our homes, but should nonprofits bother getting up to speed on these emerging technologies when some are not yet in the cloud?

In this discussion on the tech trends your organization should know about in 2020, our panelists will tackle these topics and answer audience questions while focusing on what’s worth our attention and what practical steps we can take to prepare for the future.

About Our Moderator, Patrick Callihan

Patrick is the executive director for Tech Impact, U.S. based nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world.  He leads the development of programs that include technology education, services and support designed specifically for organizations and several workforce development programs like ITWorks, CXWorks and Punchcode..

About Our Panelists

Melanie Meyer, Tech Advisor, Tech Impact

Melanie has a 20-year history working with a nonprofit for the overall strategic direction of technology, systems and processes, marketing, communications, and event management. In Melanie’s role at Tech Impact, she works directly with nonprofits to help elevate their technology use to further their mission.

Jordan McCarthy, Infrastructure & Security Lead, Tech Impact

Jordan believes that social progress should shape the implementation of technology, not the other way around. Jordan loves working with organizations of every shape and size – from 3-person grassroots advocacy groups to 300+ person social-services providers – to help them figure out what kinds of technical tools, analyses, and strategies can help them maximize their social impact. ​

Peter Schiano, Senior Data Services Consultant, Tech Impact

Peter helps nonprofits with technology strategy, project management and data systems.  Before joining Tech Impact in 2017, Peter held leadership roles in commercial technology companies developing hardware and software and running large client implementations.

Leonardo Hughes, Data Consultant, Tech Impact

Leonardo has been working in academic and social sector capacities for over seven years. This journey has allowed him
 to expand his understanding the power of information and its role in decision making. Leonardo’s goal is to mobilize data for human use. 

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About Idealware

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