Videos and podcasts are a powerful—and an increasingly affordable—way to tell your story. What do you need to know to go from concept to broadcasting effective videos and publishing podcasts, without spending big bucks? We’ll walk through the tools and best practices you’ll need to effectively create, shoot, edit, and publish videos and podcasts on a shoestring budget.  Upon completion of this webinar you should be able to:
  • ·Consider whether hiring a professional service is a better option than DIY  
  • Select which technical tools to use for your DIY project
  • Employ a strategy for getting your video seen or podcast heard.

Important Information

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About our Presenter

Steve Boland
Managing Partner, Next in Nonprofits

Steve served as the executive director of three small nonprofits in his career before starting Next in Nonprofits in 2013. Their mission is to engage charities with new ideas, tactics and technologies to increase community engagement and support for mission-based organizations.

Nhu Ngyuen
Senior Multimedia Designer, Warschawski
Owner & Principal Photographer, Nhu Nguyen Photography

Nhu believes in the power of empathetic story-telling, creative evolution, and asking “why?” For over 10 years, her creative journey has led her to work in a wide variety of industries with a portfolio spanning a number of different mediums, some of which include graphic design, photography, videography, and motion graphic animation.

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About Tech Impact's Idealware

Idealware is a program of Tech Impact, a nonprofit on a mission to use technology to better serve the worldAs the authoritative source for independent, thoroughly-researched technology resources for the social sector, our publications, assessments, and training resources save you time and money by providing impartial guidance that gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to decide what’s best for your organization. Learn more at and visit our Technology Learning Center at

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