Learn the fundamentals of digital fundraising in this engaging webinar series for nonprofits.

In this course, you will learn best practices for using social media, email, and additional communication tools to conduct digital fundraising for your nonprofit.

Through participation in this course, you will:

• Learn the key elements of creating an online donation form.
• Learn how to incorporate fundraising into your communications calendar.
• Learn email and social media fundraising best practices.
• Understand how to analyze and utilize metrics from your campaigns.
• Discover software to support your fundraising efforts.

Course Schedule

This is a three-part course.

Session 1: Optimizing Your Website

Is your website sending capturing potential donors? Learn how to set up your website for success by including elements such as prominent "donate" buttons, tiered fundraising asks, and more.


Session 2: Email Fundraising

Email requests are common practice in fundraising campaigns, but how can you make sure they're reaching your audience? Learn about best practices in crafting, targeting, and scheduling an email fundraising campaign.

Session 3: Social Media Fundraising

To complete your digital fundraising strategy, it's important to have your social media aligned with your efforts. Learn how to harness social media platforms to encourage fundraising, and how to incorporate your posts with your overall campaign.

About the Presenter

Kimberly Sanberg, Cairn Strategies

Kimberly Sanberg helps nonprofits to fundraise, engage supporters, build awareness, and achieve their goals with strategic digital marketing and communications, including social media, website strategy, advertising, and email. 

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