Reveal Network Weaknesses & Protect Your Nonprofit 

Your organization’s assets are valuable. You know this, but unfortunately so do malicious actors on the internet. Cybercrime costs the world an average of 11.4 million dollars per year,* and with cyber-attacks launched every 39 seconds your organization could be the next target.

A Network Vulnerability Scan could be the difference between knowing your vulnerabilities and accounting for them or finding out the hard way.

What is a Network Vulnerability Scan?

A Network Vulnerability Scan is a simulated attack conducted by a cybersecurity professional against public facing/external IP addresses assigned to your network. The tests are designed to reveal any vulnerabilities in your network’s defenses that could potentially be exploited by a cybercriminal to gain unauthorized access to your organization’s network, resources, or assets, and to leverage them for financial gain.

Why should you have a Network Vulnerability Scan performed?

Cyber criminals are always looking and scanning the Internet for easy targets. The criminals have tools that can quickly identify these targets and exploit the network’s resources. As a nonprofit, you need to secure your network so that your network doesn’t show up on the cyber criminal’s radar. How can you prepare for an attack when you do not know it is coming or how it is going to take place?

A Vulnerability Scan will reveal where your network is vulnerable and how those vulnerabilities can be used against you. This allows you to be proactive about your defenses, and to make your organization a less interesting target.

Pricing and Process

Tech Impact is offering this service at the cost of $250. Cost includes scanning of up to 10 public IP addresses to be included in the consolidated report. These IP addresses can be associated with one or more physical network locations.

After purchase, a member of Tech Impact’s Cybersecurity Team will contact you to request the necessary details to conduct the test and to confirm a time. The results of the test will be sent via email within the same day of the test being conducted.

Network Vulnerability Scanning is one way to reduce your risk of cyber attacks. A full Security Assessment or suggestions for remediation can be provided at an additional cost.

*An estimated average based on several global monitoring and reporting systems

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